Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chris's Update

Wow! So I am almost out of double-digit days to count down before the trip. I got nervous last week when I visited our high school group, Vertical Reality. It felt weird…I felt so removed from high school since I have started my “adult” life. Struggling to make conversation with American high schoolers, I questioned how I would be able to make conversation with Czech high schoolers. Let alone build trust and a friendship with them. Following that up with our bonding weekend, I realized almost all the other team members are in a much better place to interact with high school Czech kids: teachers, youth ministry leaders, similar heritage, or simply just being closer in age. So starting Monday, I decided to start praying for this specifically, and I ask you to join me in this prayer. Talking it out with close friends is also helpful as they are providing much needed encouragement. My hopes for the trip have not changed and I was exciting to hear the hopes of my other team members as I got to know them this weekend.

Chris Garcia
-June 16,2010

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